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Dehydrated crunchy
fruits snacks

Our products


Crispy and tasty snacks made from 100% natural fruit


Our dehydrated fruit snacks are tasty and crunchy, ideal for you to enjoy while you take care of yourself.

100% Natural

No additives, no added sugar, no preservatives, no frying, no added fat, no freeze-drying, and produced with fresh seasonal fruit.

Whenever and wherever you want

Ideal to take anywhere, at school, in the gym, in the office… they will always be ready to consume comfortably.

Wild Pilot Food

Our journey began in 2012, being two enthusiasts of healthy food and vegetable snacks. We wanted to fundamentally improve the flavor and new textures that were in the market, getting them more crunchy but at the same time pleasant to eat, in short, fun and tasty. A total revolution in the world of healthy fruits and vegetable snacks and appetizers, 100% fruits and vegetables, being a pleasure to eat them. From the original idea, and after long years of research and development, we achieved what we had always dreamed of, buenoh! snacks.

We have a differentiating process with an international patent. This process consists of dehydration and texturing with gentle heat techniques to obtain a final product that preserves all the organoleptic and nutritional characteristics of the fruits and vegetables.


We are constantly working on the development of new innovative products. Always keeping taste and health in mind and as a goal. With our R&D&I initiatives we manage to be at the forefront in the world of the healthy eating.

From Almería to
the World

We are located in Almería, Spain, where its fresh products are recognized worlwide, for their quality and food safety. We distribute our products all over the world. Feel free to contact for more information.

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For any questions about our Portfolio of products or to place an order, you can contact us by:


C/ Sierra de Baza,65
Polígono Industrial La Juaida, 04240 Viator, Almería.

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